The XT3 Enduro Series is setting a stronger industry standard and come fully loaded with strength from the very start. Ideally equipped for mowing and hauling and equipped to support various attachments, the XT3 gives you the strength comfort and versatility for the ultimate lawn care experience.

XT3 Enduro Series Garden Tractors

  • An above and beyond machine dserves an above and beyond warranty. 4 years unlimited hours, 5 years unlimted hours chassis and front axle, LIFETIME on fabricated decks.


    Only the XT3 has an automotive-style direct shaft drive. That means no belts to the drive system to slip or break - just maximum power delivery and durability even when cutting through tall grass or using attachments. Matched with a cast-iron transmission and front axle, the XT3 provides reliable Cub Cadet performance.

    Every Cub Cadet XT3 tractor comes standard with professional-grade Kohler® V-Twin engines for exceptional power, strength and smooth operation. And with an automatic transmission and standard cruise control, you've got the control and power to take on the big jobs.

    Extra-tough stamped and fabricated cutting decks plus an advanced cutting system built with rugged components ensure unbeatable durability, breakthrough bagging performance and, of course, the beautiful Cub Cadet Signature Cut. Decks sold separately.

    With incredible control and an almost instantaneous response rate, the XT 3 GTX's new and optimized electronic power steering system provides exact control, maneuverability and command at every turn.

    Available in 42", 50", 54" stamped decks or 48", 54", 60" fabricated decks.