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The XT2 Enduro Series is setting a stronger industry standard and come fully loaded with strength from the very start. Ideally equipped for mowing and hauling and equipped to support various attachments, the XT2 gives you the strength comfort and versatility for the ultimate lawn care experience. XT2 Series Tractors are not only the highest quality lawn tractor Cub Cadet makes, they are also the highest quality on the market. These tractors are not made for the tame. These are exclusive to Cub Cadet dealerships only.

XT2 Enduro Series Lawn Tractors

  • Come standard with Kawasaki Twin Cylinder FR Series engines, the best residential engine in the industry.

    Deck options include ALL fully fabricated 42", 46", 50" and 54".

    Various features include upgraded seats, wheels, battery, electronic PTO, front bumper, manual differential lock, higher grade transmissions, and other nuts & bolts upgrades compared to the XT1 series.

    Industry best 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

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