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Our Super Recyclers deliver samurai sword sharpness, commercial grade features and best in class under-deck airflow with Vortex Technology achieving that rich, green lawn that all your neighbors’ envy.  This machine does everything gas can, minus the gas can.

Super Recycler 21" Lithium Ion

    • Tackle any job in a single charge with the Most Powerful Battery (L405) in its class* and mow up to 50 minutes
    • Four Season Power. Fully interchangeable 60V Flex-Force battery that works across an entire team of 35+ unbeatable tools. From handhelds all the way up to our two-stage snow blower
    • Start the First Time and Every Time with reliable push-button start, dual LED headlights
    • Enjoy peace of mind knowing Toro stands behind its mowers with a 5-year limited mower warranty and a 3-year battery warranty
    • Save Precious Garage Space. Making room in the garage or shed for toys, tools and things that really matter, save up to 70% more room*
    • It’s like high-end shocks on your luxury car, now on your mower. Glide over holes and bumps for a smooth mow with Flex Handle suspension
    • Supercharge Your Mow. Vortex Technology pulls more air into the cutting chamber, creating more airflow and time for the blades to mince grass into Lawn Vitamins™
    • Empty Less Often. Collect rich, green goodness with Toro’s Super Bagger and commercial-grade Bagging Tunnel
    • Every component of the Super Recycler is built to last. Leveraging time-tested engineering, the Super Recycler provides commercial-grade reliability with commercial components that landscape pros demand.
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