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For homeowners looking for a snowblower that powers through deep snow yet agile and nimble, the new SnowMaster delivers impressive power, unprecedented maneuverability and streamlined, user-friendly controls.
The versatile new design of the SnowMaster features a larger intake, self-propelled drive system, and a unique in-line two-stage system incorporating paddles and metal auger that excels in light and heavy snowfalls. The innovative design of the new SnowMaster truly offers the best of both worlds.

SnowMaster Hybrid Snowblowers

  • -Easy to use controls - With Quick Stick® and EZ Turn chute controls

    -Easy to Maneuver - With Personal Pace® self propel and automatic steering for easy turning

    -Handle heavy, wet snow - Tall auger housing and all steel construction auger bites through tough snow

    -24" auger housing standard

    -212cc or 252cc motor option

    -Clears up to 30% faster then traditional 2-Stage snowblowers
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