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The mower that automatically senses your walking speed, just walk and mow. Toro's optional innovative Personal Pace® self propel system will change the way you feel about mowing. Accompanied Briggs & Stratton 140-163cc engine, Bag on Demand, 3 year Guaranteed-to-Start warranty and 2 year Full Coverage Warranty, the Recycler line of mowers is one of the highest rated.

Recycler 22"

  • Personal Pace® Self Propel system automatically adjusts to your walking speed.
    Bag on Demand allows you to switch from mulching to bagging in seconds while leaving the bag on the mower.
    140-163cc Briggs & Stratton Engines w/Auto Choke, no need to prime or choke.
    2 Year Full Warranty.
    Available options include electric start, SmartStow, PoweReverse, variable speed, or basic.
    Now available in All-Wheel Drive.

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