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Commercial stand-on mowers from Cub Cadet maximize your productivity and comfort. The PRO X lineup of commercial zero-turn stand-on mowers help you make the most of every job, every time.

PRO X Series Commercial Stand-On

  • -Kawasaki FS & FX Engines standard from 18.5 to 25.5HP

    -Fully Fabricated 10-Gauge with Reinforcement Decks come in 36". 48", 54" & 60"

    -A large, fully adjustable suspension platform allows you to adjust tension and glide comfortably through tough terrains

    -Low stance and wide wheel base allows for superior hillside performance

    -Parker TL240 Wheel Motors and PK 12cc Pumps combine blazing 10mph ground speed with long lasting reliability

    -3 Year UNLIMITED HOUR Commercial Warranty/ 5 Year, 1750 Hour Deck Warranty

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