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Toro's Power Max two-stage snowblowers are powerful and durable yet compact and easy to handle. Designed with a one-piece unibody frame that offers maximum strength for years of dependable use.

With a clearing width of up to 26" wide and special high-strength hardened gearbox, this compact snowblower can plow through hard, compacted snow with ease. And the innovative Quick Stick chute control allows you to put the snow wherever you need it to go with one smooth motion.

Power Max 2-Stage Snowblowers

  • Anti-Clogging Auger system meters snow intake to prevent clogging and maximize clearing efficiency
    All metal chute design for the durability you expect from a Toro
    Quick Stick Chute Controls - Easily change direction and angle of thrown snow
    High-Strength Auger Gear Box - special hardened gears designed to withstand the hightest of stresses; worry-free performance

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