The PRO HW 300 Commercial Hydro Walk-Behind line-up is  the next step in Cub Cadet's increasing high-end commercial landscape presence. These machines are built not only to provide strength and longevity but also for operator comfort. Whether you are a solo-cutter or have a crew, everyone will be glad to have a PRO HW 300 out in front of them each day.

PRO HW 300 Commercial Hydro Walk-Behind

  • -Kawasaki V-Twin Engines are standard on every model

    -10-gauge deck design with 7-gauge steel top and bottom reinforcements

    -Decks are available in 36, 48 and 54-inch cutting widths

    -Easy-Trac Steering Technology provides smooth steering with hand lever controls that require less force to steer, along with single-lever cruise control and straight-line adjustable tracking with finger-tip control

    -Higher clearance and weight balance allow professionals to easily maneuver forward or reverse over curbs