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The BedEdger will transform an average bed into a work of art. Its maneuverability and versatility ensure the kind of results that make clients happy, and the variety of rotors available for the BedEdger make it the most versatile landscaping tool you will ever own. Whether edging beds or digging a trench, the BedEdger will produce faster, cleaner results.

Brown Bed Edgers

  • Positive steering mechanism provides appealing and smooth curves

    Up to 30 feet per minute, depending on soil conditions

    Will produce a savings of 50% to 80% on time and labor

    Interchangeable rotors provide unmatched versatility for a variety of operations

    Neatly piles excavated dirt in an easy to back-fill pile right next to the trench

    The control of the excavated dirt results in minimal turf damage and less clean-up time
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